Publisher : Loriciels, 1984
Genre :

The player controls a dog lost in a forest, and must escape back to his kennel, avoiding obstacles along the way. With each obstacle struck, the dog loses a life. The dog becomes exhausted while running, its energy level drops continuously and can be recovered by eating the bones found along the way. Wolves will attempt to attack the dog, although victorious these battles will exhaust Doggy further, with each battle the energy level will drop dramatically, thus avoiding confrontation is desirable. The game is lost when energy and lives reach zero.

Published by Loriciels, this game benefited from a better release.
Written in 6502 assembler, Doggy used horizontal scrolling. Graphically it is a mixture of redefined text characters (used for the trees) and pure bitmaps for the objects on the road. The graphics flicker when many things happen onscreen at once, as I was unaware of the importance of synchronising with the video refresh rate.